Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dan Lubell 1.24.06 Lakeside Lounge

by Charlotte Deaver

The only way to do this band justice is to be as funny, clever, and appealing as Dan Lubell himself is. You know, have the form itself reflect the content, blah blah blah.

But my goodness. What pressure. Dan Lubell is really funny and talented (so much so that I had trouble deciding which word should come first: talented or funny). His music is smart, playful, melodic, and between songs he can riff on just about any subject and have the audience howling (Brokeback Mountain and the James Frey scandal got a lot of mileage).

While the songs are deceptively simple, the lyrics give them their real charge. Like Dan's stage presence, they play with humor and irony, but can also be bracingly honest and direct. Through revelations about relationships, sex, or growing older, some of the songs seem almost earnest, despite themselves. All the while, of course, the audience hoots and hollers, loving not just Dan, but the connections he's making.

I can't imagine anyone not having a good time at this show. The band was solid -- Lance Doss was especially good on electric guitar, and the bass player's hat rocked -- and the audience, myself included, was particularly attentive.

And none of this wonderful night, by the way, was at all compromised by Dan's hair. His hair was great. Just great.


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