Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wolf Parade.10.25.05.Northsix

by Charlotte Deaver

In the indie music world, this band is hot-hot-hot. To my ears last night -- not so hot. It's because of the popularity of a band like this that I wonder not just a little about the indie music scene. What is it that people like so much about an OK band like this? And, I have to ask, do they REALLY like them that much? Did the audience come away from the show last night charged, or smitten?

Their sound, to me, lacked body, fullness, partly because the bass is often played electronically and barely audibly by the gimmicky keyboardist (he plays his wee-little-keys over his head and doesn't even think he's Jimmy Hendrix), but also because one of the lead singers (there are two) sings with a yelp-y, pitchless voice. How can a voice like that get under your skin, except in a bad way? I did like the lead guitarist a lot, who also sang lead. Points against: he looked very much like Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre and, like Anton, doesn't sing very well. Points for: he seemed to be, unlike Anton, a sweetheart. He was, unlike -- oh, nevermind -- VERY nice to the audience.


Anonymous eddy said...

oh, my god, you're out of control, girl! i'm adoring it; checking in with the alter ego of my old, dear friend. it's not REALLY you, is it?

i want to see ricki lee. are tix still available?

tons loud notes,

11:17 PM  

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