Wednesday, October 19, 2005

José, José, I missed you.

by Charlotte Deaver

Last night José González played at the Living Room, and I —— missed it. I didn't even know about it. I had googled him and searched for shows he might be doing, and all I read was that he was touring Australia. So, for all my efforts to see and hear music I love "and listen to obsessively," I get nada. Nada.

Yes, I really am crushed.

He plays classical and flamenco-style guitar and his voice is sincere and unaffected. When "All You Deliver" begins you honestly may think it's Nick Drake (an overdone comparison, I know, I know! But really!), and then one flamenco-brush of the hand across the strings announces another kind of player (like one from, well, Sweden, as he is. Sweden?). Although this is "quiet" music, and by no means rock and roll, the songs feel urgent, propel forward and out, and rustle up surprising energy.

If I knew how and had permission, I would stream his song "Crosses" here. So go download it from iTunes, or buy his first U.S. release, Veneer.


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