Friday, March 21, 2008

Are You Prickles? Or Are You Goo?

Why is it that often the best kind of brilliance can be understood and appreciated by children just as much by adults? It's not less smart because kids like it too. If anything, it's smarter, trickier, to express an idea with sophistication, irony, depth of knowledge that only an adult is (likely to be) capable of, but that a child might well enjoy.

Two words placed together in a way that gently startles, makes us see newly, or see the same thing we've seen many times before but differently, might also be called poetry. Kids do this all the time, too. Kids, philosophers, artists, lively minds. And poets. Which we all are, in my view, at least sometimes, if not as often as possible.

So here is Alan Watts -- philosopher, translator, "entertainer" (his words -- not mine!), child, and poet, speaking in a video animated by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. I do hope you watch and enjoy! xo


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